Hatching tech projects just right

SpottyEgg is a unique product design & innovation consultancy and software factory.

Our user centric approach makes sure we build things that work today, not 6 months ago.

We take your idea or existing product and partner with you to turn it into something ergonomic, cool, addictive, simple or whatever it needs to be in order to be successful. We also build our own products when we see a gap in the market.

You can think of us as an early stage venture firm that invests with time, know-how and code.

Some of our projects (apps & bots)

DasLab 2020

A platform for lab testing & vaccination. Initially built to help out with the pandemic, now aspiring to provide peace of mind via many healthcare pathways.
Website - Web App

Coral 2019

Sexual wellness app. Think headspace for horizontal happyness. You try to live balanced by working on youe mind, fitness, nutrition and now something more.
Website - iOS - Android

InConversation 2017

Scripting and community management platform chat based surveys for Facebook messenger and web
Website - SUN VOTF bot
Sold to YouGov in August 2018 (Rebranded as YouGov Chat)

Ask Flo bot 2016

AI restaurant recommendation bot for London
Web & iOS - Retired -

SKIP-Q 2016

Lunch pre-ordering service in Belgium. Complete with networked printers. (Design/UX has changed)
Website - iOS - Android

Alpha Play 2016

Classical music discovery subscription service. Updated to contain over 3000 full albums.
Website - iOS - Android - Windows - Mac

iCantHear.org 2015

Speech-to-text designed for elderly deaf people. Popular with churches & schools. (Update: OSes now provider better accesibility tools these days so will retire this soon)
Website - iOS - Android

Direct Citoyen 2015

Voice Polls white label for the French Republicains. Poll you own people. 2020 refresh halted by pandemic.
Website - iOS - Android

Voice Polls 2014

Evolution of the Poutsch social network
iOS, Android & web - Retired -

Poutsch 2012

The micro-polling social network, Twitter for questions that generate data.
Retired & replaced by VoicePolls

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VAT: 245456105

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Work with us

We are always looking for talented people to work with.

We tend to design digital experiences mobile first and often iOS first.

We are actively looking for frontend (vuejs/reactjs/react native) and full-stack (node.js/go) engineers. We welcome applications from designers and product gurus as well.
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